Thursday, 30 April 2015

Week 8 - (Post Communication Presentation)

As shown in my previous post some of our feedback towards our group was to move away from a networking style of collaboration, and move towards a move hierarchical approach. After we had a group vote, We decided that with a group leader that could direct workflow and make sure everyone was completing tasks that are relevant towards our project. The group then nominated myself to be this group leader.

The first thing that I completed during the lesson was a plan for what everyone was to work on in the following weeks. I allocated the team members tasks based on their skill sets, and what they had already started working on.

Elliot - Coding - Based on Eliot's computer knowledge, with the completion of COMP1400 programming for designers as well as some minor experience with the hextic installation, Eliot volunteered himself at the beginning of the semester to complete the coding which connects the physical movement of the arduino hardware, to a computer language that contains the instructions we want the computer to Follow

Daming - Arduino - Daming is constructing the imput part of our wheel using the Arduino. This gives us the imputs we need, which go through Elliot's code

Nev - Unreal - Nev is working with unreal which is where our simulation will be held. The user creates an input by moving the wheel which is attached to Daming's Arduino, this then travels through Elliot's code, translating the imputs to something the computer recognises. Nev then uses this and connects Elliot's code to unreal, making sure the physical movement translates to movement of the vehicle within unreal.

Vedran - Modeling / Video - Vedran is modeling a truck that gives the user a realistic and enhanced experience, based on what the client wants, which is a Hong Kong style truck. Vedran is also helping document by creating a video.

Peter - Documentation / Fabrication - Because a main concept of the brief is to create a repeatable project, we are creating a "blueprint" that a person can follow. This will essential allow them to repeat the project without the research work. I am documenting the work that people create in this blueprint. Fabrication is essentially the physical feel of the wheel, including the wheel and dashboard, as well as the housing for the arduino.


After hearing the planning presentation from the week before, I decided to make a timeline to help us reach the deadline, and especially finish before the date, giving us time to beta test and make final adjustments.

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