Sunday, 26 April 2015

Planning Presentation

  • Nice use of Presi
  • Good flowchart demonstrating the process of planning
  • Used their own project - the virtual museum as an example of how planning can be implemented
  • recognising team strengths and assigning tasks based on these
  • looked at the different angles of planning
  • good use of timelines with personal completion dates and assignment due dates
  • Well edited video with hand drawings

  • To many words on the slides
  • Spoke from the powerpoint on occasions
  • comic sans in video and words went to fast

  • look outside the box at different angles of planning - don't just limit yourself to the obvious - such as different models, examples in companies, success levels
  • Use voiceover in the video to communicate rather than a wall of text

How our group can use planning:

  • Use of timelines - these can help direct workflow and allow appropriate the amount of time we allocate to tasks
  • Team strengths - look at both our strengths and our access to technology / equipment to allow for more efficient work.

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