Tuesday, 19 May 2015


General Information

Opened with a video - all about controlling the market around you
Definition - "remuneration is a payment made to or for the benefit of a worker, this is not as simple as a wage or salary as it includes such things as remuneration return and reconciliation statement" 

"What do I have to pay for" vs "what do I want my remuneration package to say"

Different types of Remunerations 
Example of a Successful remuneration package includes:

  • $ per hour 
  • non monetary 
  • direct 
  • indirect

Good use of video to introduce the topic - motif of "fuck you" getting in the best position you can
Interesting use of colour as a "contents page"
Good knowledge of topic
Good minimal use of slides - not to much text
Use of statistics to relate to the audience
Used hextic and own project as an example


No pictures - (although might be hard for topic)
could have at outside use of remuneration

How it relates to us

The employer: contractors (UNSW)
The Employees: (The Students)

All the conditions are already set eg. Hours, leave ect.
We cannot take any risk and not effected by profit loss, ect.

How it relates on a personal level

23% of UNSW FBE job seeker rate
$53.27 average hourly rate
Going to university (UNSW) adds to your overall Remuneration package
You can add to your "personal value" by
  • General education
  • Good Results
  • Extra curricular projects
  • Study tours
  • Networking
  • Internships
How to move forward
  • documentation
  • codes, regulations and legislation
  • project evaluations, programs and feasibility studies
  • consultants

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