Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Summary of Information

Different Sources of Conflict

  • Change
  • Clash of personalities
  • Leadership
  • Poor Communication
  • Sub Par Performance
  • Emotions - Anxiety - Distrust - Disagreements


Covered a range of situations involving conflict
Incorporated the use of Hextic into the presentation which responds with the audience
Good use of statistics - (Might be generalized)
Good use of graphics and list of types of people that cause conflict.


Slides were a bit cluttered with text, pictures, banners and silhouettes

How it can relate to our group

Avoiding conflict before it "snowballs"
Need to use communication
Conflict and conflicting interests are different things, and one can lead to the other
As a group leader need to address the conflicting interests before they turn to a conflict.
Due to the nature of our project -(not design based) conflict is already limited, main issue is the allocation and shared equal work loads between team members

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