Thursday, 7 May 2015

Intellectual Property

Main summary of information

4 Main Types

Regested Design -> physical
Patent -> Process or Function

Boosting innovation


Good delivery - not relying on notes
Simple minimal presentation aids - providing efficient information
Some examples of IP in their personal project as well as other groups like blacktown marker 
Good knowledge of information - response to questions


Repetition of some information
Colours in video not always clear.

My Question and answers

Q. How would you protect something that you intend to give away for free, so others cannot make money off it.

A. Make it an open source program and/or make your users agree to a end user license agreement (EUlA)

Also copyright only apply's to something before it reaches 50 production units, then it is void and the user need to apply for a resisted design

How it apply's to our group

Registered design is the look, form, how it is protected.
Computer -> circuit layout

If we want protect our project we would need to get: 

Patent on the code
EULA on use (end user license agreement)

If we want to commercialize the production we would need to:

Register the design
Seek a partnership with arduino as we are currently using it as fair use agreement.

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