Tuesday, 17 March 2015

1st Submission Personal Work

This project is intended to create safer and more aware drivers, by giving them experience using the unreal engine and a fabricated wheel that emulates real world conditions. This project is not only about the creation, but also the documentation. Creating blueprints that are taken from our most successful models, materials and software, to allow a user anywhere in the world to replicate a similar design.

Quick 3ds Max render of proposed design. Note the slider which will simulate a throttle. Also note the two toggle switches on the steering wheel, which you can use for a reverse gear or similar actions 

Sketchup model:

Different views

Flowchart showing the path of the data from physical movement  to final virtual movement

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  1. Hey mate i am in your group sorry i been ill the last week can you possibly contact me via email vedrankul@yahoo.com