Friday, 5 June 2015

Feedback and Reflection




After Presenting our project to our Client, our group received some feedback that included areas that could be improved or changed.

One area was the inclusion of a detail of the intended method of connection between the steering column and the arduino. The proposed solution is a 15mm wooded dowel that is fixed to the wheel providing the turning imput, then fixing some pvc pipe with coupling clamps. The shaft of the potentiometer is then attached to the moving wooden dowel, by drilling in a hole in the base, and the top of the potentiometer is fixed with tape to the pvc pipe.

Dimensions have also been added to the model for easier repeatability.


Overall the amount and quality of collaboration between the group was satisfactory, with different levels of participation between members. A lot of communication was done through facebook messenger, however we found that face to face meeting were a lot more beneficial and more issues were addressed. 

In terms of the Timeline, if we were to repeat the project more time should be given to the combining of the elements at the end. We each worked on separate parts and were going to combine them all at the end. However this process took more time than intended and the finished product that was presented could have been better or more finished.

I believe we documented the project well, and that it satisfied the brief and the needs of the client. Due to all this documentation it should easily be repeated or improved.

If repeated, the project would benefit from:
  • more face to face meetings
  • stricter deadlines and better time management
  • stricter team leader to control member work loads/completion

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